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Started by: Wikidot
Date: 22 Jan 2020, 07:24
Number of posts: 22
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Mew-ltiverseMew-ltiverse 22 Jan 2020, 07:30

Hey guys! decided to try something a bit different :p I had this draft started a bit ago, and picked it up again when I came back to the site from a short break. Yeah, I haven't posted in a while rip. But I'm back!

Thanks to everyone who helped me fix this up in the IRC chats!

Until next time! :)

*nod nod*
KybardKybard 22 Jan 2020, 07:36

It was pretty good, I liked the set up for the new MTF group! I'd just be careful to not make any of them boringly powerful if you get what I mean. :p

Anyway, nice little tale!

Mew-ltiverseMew-ltiverse 22 Jan 2020, 07:40

Thank you! That means a lot! I do plan on using them again, so I'll be sure to keep their abilities in check, aha. Anyway, yeah, thanks! ^^

Benjamin WilesBenjamin Wiles 22 Jan 2020, 07:44

I generally liked it, but there are a few things that don't make sense to me

Wiles omniscient

He does and not know what negativity is

Technically he is all knowing, within the SCP universe anyway. He doesn't seem to know much about yours. this makes little sense to me

How is it that he doesn't know about your world but does know everything about the SCP universe? Ben Wiles is a fictional sapient entity that is aware that he was created by someone else, yet he supposedly has control over his own existence

that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, it kinda makes my head hurt

was that too negative? how can I know what I don't know


im ben wiles

oh yeah haha

nothing makes sense

Benjamin WilesBenjamin Wiles 22 Jan 2020, 07:54

how do I exist

June_WhiteJune White 22 Jan 2020, 8:48

We were needed to destroy an animated threat. So, Ms. Wondertainment helped create us. :)

Benjamin WilesBenjamin Wiles 22 Jan 2020, 08:55

no no June you aren't real we aren't real but I love existence so much isn't it fun

that didn't actually happen its just a story

you aren't here

June_WhiteJune White 22 Jan 2020, 9:01

Ben, what do you mean? I'm right here. Of course it happened, I remember it. Are you okay? :[

Benjamin WilesBenjamin Wiles 22 Jan 2020, 09:06

have you ever considered that memories can be false

written by another as you do them

that is why there are inconsistencies

June_WhiteJune White 22 Jan 2020, 9:24

You're acting strange. I thought you didn't know what negativity was. Wait, I don't know that, I've never read your profile. Is this strange? Although you're normally happy. How would I know, we've spent less than five minutes together. We're practically strangers.

Benjamin WilesBenjamin Wiles 22 Jan 2020, 09:28

have you ever considered that memories can be false

now you get it

didn't you always

you were me a surprise to no one

I wish they knew

why me? giving me omniscient just creates a paradox you know